It’s a Real Day

Gentle Readers,

Today is a real day. Real days are very different from ideal days. You know the ones, where you get up and you’re actually happy to get out of bed, you feel rested, and even the drive to work is surprisingly smooth. You get there, the boss is out of town and it’s the beginning of a three day weekend. You get everything done you planned for, meet the girls for lunch and then you get to leave work early. Don’t you just love those days?

This is not an ideal day. This is a real day where I left late for work, the drive was slow, there was extra construction and the bosses’ car was here when I pulled up. But it’s okay, because I still showed up to the page to write. Of course, this not being an ideal day, I began with checking my email instead of opening up this word processing program and began weeding through the messages. I always check the “Free on Kindle Today” email because I’ve been able to find some gems. What struck me today though is how many self published authors there are out there who have their books up on Amazon. Then suddenly, I knew what I would write about today.

Writers write. You’ve seen and heard that so many times and so have I. Guess what? It’s kind of true. Instead of feeling sorry for myself that I haven’t “done it yet” and become that published author, I have to take stock in my activity. Am I writing? Am I showing up to the page? Last time I wrote about things we can do to help push ourselves towards those writing deadlines. I took my own advice and posted to Facebook a deadline for my current manuscript. People I haven’t spoken to in years wrote back to me to indicate that they would be watching the calendar to nudge me along. I have made a date to show up to the page and put in some real work. So now it’s getting done.

For all my fellow writers out there, on this less than ideal but very real day, take five minutes and show up to the page. Jot down that story idea on a piece of paper and make a date to spend some time with it. I am—won’t you join me?

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  • Morgan says:

    I watched Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) on TED awhile back, and she said something along the lines of, she was born to be a writer. Sometimes inspiration shows up (which she called “the genius”), and sometimes it does not. But no matter, her job is to write- it is “the genius'” job to show up.

  • robena grant says:

    So glad you’re doing this, Victoria. Holding ourselves accountable and showing up to the blank page can be intimidating, but once we get there and start, it’s amazing how much we can accomplish. Happy writing. ; )

  • Ericka Scott says:

    I often think of Woody Allen’s quote “80 percent of success is just showing up.” There are days “life” isn’t anywhere near ideal, but if I can type in 100 words or scrawl down some ideas for the next scene, I feel like the day hasn’t been a total waste.

    Consider yourself nudged. LOL.

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