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Gentle Readers,

Happy Friday!!

Occasionally I like to tear myself away from the mindless task of editing (what, you’re one of those people that love it?) and talk with all of you about some things I love that have absolutely nothing to do with craft/writing. There are so many fun things going on in my world that I’m excited about that I want to share with you, frivolous though they may be.

One of the things I am most excited about is my varied, hilarious and supportive friends (and that includes you if you’re reading this)! So now that I have this new platform, I’ve invited some of my favorite people to join me here. They have some pretty fantastic things to say. We’ll be talking about any and everything from establishing a Mutual Admiration Society for Alexander Skarsgard (because it’s just NECESSARY) and finding the perfect cupcake in LA (Hello Yummy!) and most importantly, creating that perfect writer’s space (show up to the page)! I don’t let just anyone come and share guest blogs on my website. But if you’re interested, send me a message why don’tcha?

I want to share one last tidbit to share before departing. This website and manuscript have been huge steps in my life and I’m so glad that you are all willing to share it with me. More importantly I’m glad you stick around talk about my adventures as a single girl in Los Angeles—it’s not all cupcakes and hot guys aka Walking Inspiration! But what else is there to talk about??

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  • Happy Friday back atcha, LARA sister.

    We like cupcakes and walking – or better yet, jogging – Inspiration. Haven’t tried Yummy cupcakes.. yet. That’s all I need, a new addiction. Gee, thanks!

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