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I was having a hard time coming up with something to write about today and then I got an email from a new friend and my whole day changed. She asked me if I was nervous about joining a new group of people and becoming a genuine author—as though writing romance and admitting it to your friends was something that some people are embarrassed about.

If you know me, you know I’ve never been ashamed to say I love everything about soap operas, cupcakes and Josh Holloway and not necessarily in that order on any given day. I’ve never been embarrassed to say that I write about romance and that I love to read romance. I think the world would be a whole lot better if everyone grabbed a paperback and sat down to read some Diana Gabaldon or Loretta Chase every once in a while. But her question got me thinking.

What are your dreams? Are you afraid of pursuing them because you feel others will think them unworthy or stupid? I can certainly understand if you do, some people are very bold in sharing their opinions on your life choices—especially parents and friends. But when someone tells me that I’m too smart to write romance or that I should write about something more important, I’ll tell you what I do but only if you promise to keep it a secret. I smile to myself on the inside and I say, ‘What this person really means is, they WISH they were brave enough to do what I’m doing.’ Now hold on to your hat, this isn’t me getting the big head. This is me being my usual bold self.  Nobody voted me ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ in high school because they thought winning an Emmy or writing a book was such a big deal. They did it because they knew I was more serious about achieving that goal than anybody else.

Follow your passion friends! Be bold enough to write about the greatness of Oreo cookies, tarantulas or video games if that’s your thang. Just show up to the page and write. That’s what I’m working on this year, anyway.

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