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How do you see yourself? Do you have an image of who you are as a parent, spouse or employee? Today I want to talk to you about creating that vision for your writing career. Before this year it was not something I had ever thoughtfully considered. I was just someone with an admin career that was interested in writing romantic stories and reading them in my imaginary spare time.

But this year I decided to get serious. Not only was it important to have a vision for the stories I wrote, to know where the characters were going, but also I needed to have a vision for my career and how I would achieve those goals. What do writers look like? Is there a uniform? We have the unique circumstance as writers to devote ourselves to the practice Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 but that is not often when the muse strikes. We can be disciplined enough to write regularly, but we are not confined to certain hours or locations or clothing. But plotting this course is as important as plotting a novel.

My friend and future guest blogger for this site is Christine Rose Elle, who you can learn more about at her website of the same name. Meeting her last year helped me to realize that not only do I need to come up with a regimen for writing but a regimen for me. Christine asked me to come up with my Author Image Vision. The Author’s Image Vision considers all factors of the writer’s life. What will my fully realized author persona dress like? I used Pinterest to search for some cool expensive outfits that I will wear when I am published and making a living with my work. What time of day will I rise and when will I write?  I love to sleep in and when I do not have an alarm to answer to, I will sleep two hours later than I currently do. I cannot wait.

What other parts of my life will I develop in order to advance and enrich the writer’s life? Diet, exercise, and relationships are also important. If we do not feel well how can we create? Have you ever tried to write the next great romance while you are breaking up with someone? Or on a diet and starving? Or simply sleep deprived and over worked?

Sleep is important to me. Yoga and meditation are important to me. Chocolate and cupcakes are extremely important to me. I write better when all these things are in my life. When I pick up my clothes and hang them up, or de-clutter my writing space and throw away the piles of mail, I am actually manifesting that which I want in my future writing life. I achieve it in the future by doing it now—today, and every day.

Share in the comments anything you would like about your Author Vision. Be specific. Do you do book signings? Do you lecture on romance at RWA conferences? Do you write from a cozy brownstone in New York? Visualization is so important. Perhaps you have already achieved some of your author visions.  If you have, share that with us too!

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