Words Get in the Way

Write ALL the words? That is the kind of mood I have been in lately. The amount of editing and rewriting and chopping and deleting that is necessary to make my manuscript ready for the national conference in Anaheim (RWA) is making me seriously depressed. I am not depressed because I do not have a good story. On the contrary, everyone I have let get near the thing seems to think that the story is worthy and with some work is publishable. So that is a step in the right direction. Still, the level of work brings about sudden urges to finish knitting that baby blanket for my friend or clearing off the DVR by watching those saved up episodes of Hoarders.

What do you do when you hit a writing block? Ideas for new stories are coming fresh and furious. I need only look out the window for my mind to conjure up ideas about new romances. Yet the road from great idea to fully finished novel is a long and winding one. Sometimes the answer is to keep plugging away at it (actually that is ALWAYS the answer) but beyond that you also have to recharge the batteries. Step away from the screen for a moment and do something that restores you and reinvigorates you. Just stop thinking about it for a while and let it come back to you.

How long should you go on hiatus? I would love to give myself (and therefore all of you) permission to run away from your manuscripts for the next week and go an adventure to Disneyland or something. I cannot do that but I can give us all permission to do something else for ten minutes. I am going to put on some Fleetwood Mac and dance around my room and pretend that I can sing like Stevie and play guitar like Lindsey. Then I will be back and I promise to let my hero and heroine get out of that room that is quickly filling with water.

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