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Gentle readers, are you “getting IT in?” Apparently this is fitness lingo that those of us who are absorbed into that world use on a regular basis. Trainers and gym rats alike toss this phrase back and forth to encourage each other over Facebook posts, text messages and in every day conversation. The first time that my fitness coach said this to me the other day via text message, I screwed up my face in question and replied, “Getting what in?”  Of course she was asking whether or not I had done my daily workout. I had not, and somewhere in the depths of her all-knowing “trainer-ness,” she knew it. I mentally prepared myself to work out that evening because I did not want the day to go by without getting in that time to work on my body.

The same can be said of writing. Showing up to the page is a big part of this “getting published” thing. Funny how if you do not write there are no words to edit, submit, or publish? I have written more than one post on showing up to the page. That is because essentially it is more important than anything—including the quality of your words. That may be a radical statement, and some writers might disagree with me vehemently, but we only need read certain series by certain authors about certain supernatural beings to know that quality is not often the deciding factor in whether or not something gets published. You have to write something for it to even stand a chance.

This month I am trying to not only get in the work out, but also get in the writing. Last time I wrote about making the hard decisions to do what it takes to carve out the time for writing. Showing up to the page exhausted is just as ineffective as showing up to exercise for an hour and a half when you are already falling asleep. All things work together, friends. At the end of this month I have a goal to complete my first submission packet and get the first chapter of my manuscript pristinely edited so I can begin to enter some contests.

I will be sharing the process with you so you can start judging whether or not the contest arena is for you. Advice I have received from other writers is that if you do not win it is no different than not entering in the first place. But if you DO win, then HEY! In the mean time, let us all “GET IT IN!”


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