The Importance of Being Nature Adjacent

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As you (hopefully!) noticed, I took a break from my blog for a couple of weeks. Some things in my life changed and I found myself with more unintentional time to write. To say it was a blessing in disguise is the understatement of the year. This reshuffling of the deck reset my priorities and in order to have some serious reflection and get away from the craziness of LA I decided to take to the woods!  If you know me, you know that my idea of camping is a nice Hilton with a few of the woods from ten floors up.  I decided to get a little closer to redwoods though and flew up to San Francisco to spend a few days staring up at trees and listening to the rain fall.

Tucked away in a cabin in Santa Cruz (fully equipped with internet and cable of course) having girl talk, playing board games, drinking mimosas and occasionally thinking about my manuscript, I contemplated running away from life forever. (As we “glamped” that’s glamour-camping to you), I thought about turning my life upside down even more. Maybe I could just get a simple job in the small town of Santa Cruz (well, small compared to Los Angeles) and live in a cabin in the woods and disappear from responsibility. Huzzah! I’d found it. I would continue drinking wine, eating amazing pasta and baking cookies and just never bother with this whole writing thing. Crisis averted!

When I finished with a day or two of indulgent navel gazing and comfort food consuming, I got my second wind after spending an invigorating day walking around metropolitan San Francisco. I was inspired for an entirely new novel as we drove over bridges and coast lines and ate in diners with ocean views and drove down the most crooked street in the world.

What did I learn from this weekend away? Well, first I realized I needed to get back to Los Angeles and keep working on this manuscript if I have any hope of getting my query letter and first three chapters ready for my mentor’s review by tax day. Gotta love a deadline. Then I realized that what I love about San Francisco is being nature adjacent. I can see the trees and hear the rain from the safety of my cabin without putting stakes into the ground and freezing to death. It was kind of a big realization.

Before a recent turn of events, I thought there was only one road towards my becoming a published romance author. I thought I had figured that plan out, and then someone who wasn’t necessarily in on that plan came in and threw me for a loop. I thought that my easy route was gone, but now I can see that it has simply changed—evolved—into an equally exciting and fun journey—with perhaps more twists and turns than I could have imagined even for a heroine in one of my stories.  So now I’m back in LA, back to blogging and longing for the next stop on this path—THE QUERY LETTER!

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