The Return of Revenge

Ya’ll. This is supposed to be a blog about uncovering the path to publication. Most of the time it will be, I promise. But occasionally something fabulous comes along and I just have to share my enthusiasm with you!  Revenge.

Revenge is the hottest new television show on ABC primetime. In addition to it being cast with hot young Hollywood, it is like the BEST.ROMANCE.NOVEL.EVER. I promise. It has all the elements—a strong heroine played by Emily Van Camp, a hottie hero played by Joshua Bowman and an equally hot and rugged competitor for her affections played by Nick Weschel. Why am I waxing poetic about this show on my blog? Because after a long hiatus (six weeks?!) it is finally BACK on my television. I get to gleefully slide back into the murder, intrigue and love triangles of the rich and famous residents of the fictional corner of Hamptons these characters inhabit.

Everything I love about romance novels also makes me love Revenge and if you’re a fan of the romance genre but haven’t given this show a try you totally should! There’s a murder mystery, mistaken identity, money, sex, glamorous dinner parties, and golden retrievers! Wouldn’t you pick up that book in the romance section of your local Barnes & Noble?

Why else is Revenge important? Well, believe it or not, I believe it could actually help the romance industry. The success the show has received while competing with reality shows and crime procedurals tells me that the television viewing audience (specifically the Female 18-34 demographic) is craving more material like it. Don’t get me wrong—like in anything, the material has to be GOOD—but Revenge is about little more than a central female character trying to figure out who she is, and who she is in love with. If that’s not your standard contemporary romance I don’t know what is.

Ok—you get it—watch Revenge and enjoy the eye candy. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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