To all my lovely published authors out there, how many times did you actually commit to being a romance writer before it actually happened for you? It probably happened more than once. It probably happened more than 100 times.  This is something that baby authors, no matter what the genre, come to realize a few weeks into a serious pursuit of a career. It is in fact so completely obvious that I am shocked I didn’t think of it before. Not only does completing a novel require actual work, it also requires recommitment every day.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I don’t really feel all that much like putting on my author’s cap. I’d rather be a counselor, chef, or wellness expert that day. Some days I want to be a sloth. Sloths have it good. When it’s a sloth kind of day, I still have deadlines to meet and a workout to get in. On those days I evoke the Sloth Rule.

The Sloth Rule is “Get up and do it before your mind knows what’s going on.” This applies to writing, exercising and even choosing the right foods to eat. It sort of saves me when ice cream for breakfast sounds like a good idea. Choosing every day to keep moving forward before your brain knows what the hell is happening is essential.  Sometimes that means putting the exercise DVD in the player before I go to bed so I don’t stumble around for it, and putting my shoes and weights by the door so they don’t hide from me under the bed. I set two alarms. I put a reminder in my phone that by noon I should be blogging for the week if I have not already done it. I make my lunch before I go to bed so that I don’t ask myself at 3pm, “What do I feel like eating?” That answer will always be red velvet cake. It’s less than nutritional.

How can it be that living your dream, eating a beautiful meal, or moving your body in an invigorating way FEEL like it’s infringing on your fun? What was once simply a fun hobby, a beautiful and tasty simple salad, or just a walk on the beach is now at best a job you treat with the same casual distance as your regular 9 to 5 and at worst it is the MAMMOTH CHORE OF THE YEAR. Our brains are tricky like that. I have to open up the computer and start reading edits before I consider whether or not I want to. No one wants to edit their book. Ha. But I DO want a beautiful finished product. I want a healthy body, I want that Victorian overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge or that condo on The Embarcadero and I want to look good IN IT, so I better get crackin’ before my brain decides it wants to watch that Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon. Tomorrow morning I will have to get up and decide over again.


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