On Fear

So I disappeared for a bit. I’m sure ya’ll understand why. See, writers are very sensitive people. We’re also bakers, DVR-monsters, runners, parents, besties, and employees with regular 9-5s. Most of those apply to me. But one thing we writers are, though sometimes we loathe to admit it, especially when we are new, is AFRAID. That’s right, we’re chock full of fear.

For a few weeks I just could not bring myself to look at or work on my novel. The amount of work it took to finish it overwhelmed me from even fixing one paragraph or writing a fresh page of dialogue. Was I really sure I wanted this dream? But then I remembered something. Nothing worth having is easy. And if I wanted this dream of becoming a writer, who was going to take it away from me, but me?

So I talked to my therapist, ha-more on that later, and I joined another group that involves people, places, and things, and it took me a while, but one day I had that “lightning bolt” moment. I wrote six pages and edited them in the span of one morning. After finishing a wonderful craft book on opening hooks, the whole beginning of my book changed. A scene I hadn’t even conceived of last year when I wrote the words “The End” for the first time, suddenly formed in my mind.

The scene was not perfect and even as I write this blog post to you there are still many things to be done. But the point is I wrote it. And then I was brave enough to send it out into the world.

Gentle readers, that’s what I want to tell you most of all in this post. You’ve got to just get out of your own way and let your words out in the world. Because the help that you need to fix the pages is out there in the world. Believe it or not, no matter how long you pour over the words, you’re going to make some mistakes. Shocking, I know. But people won’t hate you for them. And they won’t stop reading your work or giving you advice just because they don’t get a perfect first draft.

I’m going to have a lot of thank-you’s to put in this first novel of mine, WHEN it hits the shelves.


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