Ya’ll. It’s FINALLY time for the RWA conference! IF you’re a part of the romance writing world, you know all about what I’m talking about.  If you’re not, then you’re just reading this blog because you know me and you love me, so HEY!

The Romance Writers of America puts this conference on in a different city every year. Hundreds of authors come from all over the globe to talk turkey for a week. We go to lectures, workshops, and parties. We give awards. We get books signed. We get tons of new ideas on craft and the business. And then, if we’re lucky AND brave, we meet with an agent or editor.

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I’m currently losing my mind over the giddiness and anticipation as well as the WORK that is going into preparation. By the time this blog goes live I’ll be mere moments away from meeting with my first agent and editor to pitch this novel. I won’t bother with telling you the title now, because it’s changed 50 times. But by that day it’ll have a definite title that will be on the business cards I printed.

Dance a rain dance for me, say a prayer, throw some salt over your shoulder, or just close your eyes and make a wish that I remember to be brave, pleasant, and that I remember what my book is about. The order of the day is to perfect the pitch, go buy some note cards, and finish the synopsis. I’ve gone through all the notes and feedback from beta readers and now is the time to take what I want from the notes and leave the rest.

Conference for newbies is undoubtedly overwhelming, but I have my pals at LARA that will be traveling this road of happy destiny with me and I will surely see them in the halls as they march on toward their dreams.

Happy Conferencing! More on all the details when I return!

Until next time,

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