You sort of need one in order to have the other. You have to believe you can finish a novel before you can actually execute. You will have to look at and consider approximately 80,000 words, in addition to 10,000 commas and myriad other punctuation. You have to consider the future of the characters beyond the pages you are writing right now. You have to see the potential for the stories and for your career. You have to sort of believe in things you cannot see if you want to be a writer in any event. So if you want to be published you have to have two things—Faith, and a Finished Manuscript. The rest is just noise.

When I walked into RWA my novel wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t finished. Sure, the words “The End” had been written. But I needed to do massive editing. Some writers are brave enough to submit a manuscript that they know needs work, trusting that the story and the voice of the author will shine through over grammar errors and POV slips. I’m not that girl. I knew the novel would never be perfect before submission, but I just had to get it as close as possible before I could put it in the hands of someone else.

I have no idea as I write this whether any meetings I had at RWA will go anywhere. I do know that I’m coming home with tons more information than I went there with. I do know that living the life of a writer uninterrupted for four days is fantastic. I do know that I’m where I’m supposed to be and doing what I’m supposed to be doing. And the rest is just noise.

So if I disappear again for a few more weeks, and I promise I’ll try to stick around, just have a little faith in me that I’m finishing it.

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