Realities of Rejection


Gentle Readers,

It’s been a long time since I’ve joined you and so much has happened! Blogging and updating regularly has been a real challenge for me, but it’s progress, not perfection, that’s a new motto in my life. Some of you will recognize that term!

Anyways, let me update you on a few things. Number one, the manuscript was finished! It shall never be totally finished until it becomes published and on a shelf, but I worked on it enough to submit it to an agent and to an editor, after pitching them successfully earlier this year. It took all I had to write daily past that inner critic and just get the words on the page. Thanks to another program that I’m following in my life, I’m learning that a little bit of work done each day is a whole lot better than work done in fits and starts and never finished.

SO the book got rejected. I thought I’d just slide that in there. Rejection is part of the process, we know this. It’s inevitable and won’t be the last time. Know that too. But there’s always that teeny tiny bit of a glimmer of hope that you’ll be different! You’ll be the first person ever in the history of the world to write a perfectly edited book with all the right tone, color, character, and plot to make it perfect to the eyes of an agent or editor. They’ll snap you up, give you a $50,000 advance and you’ll be off to join the ranks of Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele. Ha. A girl can dream.

But realistically I know it wasn’t my best work. The challenge wasn’t about holding on to that book for the two or three more years of craft learning and experience that I’ll have to have to make it perfect. It was about sending it out, allowing it to leave my hands and show up somewhere else. Let the eyes of a professional read it and say “Hey, this needs work.” It does. And I’m okay with that. I’m a work in progress, too.
More coming soon!

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  • V–

    I love your description of the absolute hope that accompanies each submission. Exactly spot on. (Though I want to join the ranks of Toni Morison and Sandra Cisneros) 😉 Keep writing, keep believing. Glad to be in touch with you.

    All my best,

  • I am almost in tears realizing how happy it must make any “mom” to see one of their children come into their “own” and then suddenly realize that we can only sit on the sideline and watch as they go through ups and downs in this unique world of ours.

    I don’t have the appropriate words to describe my emotions right now. I know that I am thankful to have been in the room when this young lady was born and may be one day I will get to tell her child all about her upbringing. : )

    Oh, the cycle of life . . .

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