Life Coaching

Life coaching is a personal passion. I want to help you find your passion, too. Whether you are a coach trying to identify the right coaching or teaching niche for your own business, or you want to develop a spiritual practice, or just figure out the next step in your career, or how to develop a self-care program, I am the coach for you!

We will formulate deep transformative goals to change the way you experience your life, permanently.

Recovery Coaching

Many people have a history of some form of addiction. If you are seeking support around building new habits and formulating recovery plans, let’s do the work together. Coaching does not take the place of treatment programs and working with a recovery coach is not the same as practicing the 12-Steps.

Working with me to explore recovery will vary from client to client, but my recovery coaching features deep personal experience with addition and recovery, as well as a holistic approach (physical, emotional, and spiritual) to establishing a new way of life based on ritual, writing, and good ole-fashioned work. New habits require taking action.

How It Works

No matter what style of coaching you are pursuing, we will work together in 6 or 12-week series to identify a goal and lay the groundwork for your ultimate success. Our sessions are heart-centered, open, honest, guided conversations which feature a structured approach to help you reach your goals.

After you complete an online in-take form, we’ll chat via phone for a 30-minute consultation. If we decide to work together, one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted online via Zoom, Skype, or in-person if you are local to my area. These sessions begin with brief grounding breath-work and/or meditation so that we can feel into the work that is most on your heart and soul to explore. Each session lasts approximately one hour, and sometimes written work takes place between sessions. I am available via email twice between sessions.

Are you ready to explore more? I’m just a phone call away.